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Training on Refrigeration Units

LT Systems™ offers a two-day training class on refrigeration units and their associated systems. The following out line gives a brief description on the content of the class:

Water vapor pumping in vacuum systems.

  • How water vapor pumping improves vacuum levels.
  • How the cryocoil pumps water vapor.
  • Sizing the refrigeration unit.
  • Standard cryocoils, sizes and shapes, feedthroughs, transfer lines.

Refrigeration unit basics

  • How the refrigeration unit works.
  • Flow of refrigerant through the unit to the cryocoil and back again.
  • Standby mode.
  • Cool mode.
  • Defrost mode.
  • Identify basic components, compressor, condenser, filter drier, etc.
  • Facilities, water and power.
  • Data points and their significance, TC points, discharge and suction pressures.
  • Data log sheets, how and when to fill them out.

Refrigeration unit and system installation

  • The Parker and VCR fittings.
  • Attachment of the transfer lines.
  • Cryocoil attachment.
  • TC wires.
  • Vacuum pumping of transfer lines and cryocoil.
  • Leak checking.
  • Unit start up.
  • Cool mode check.
  • Defrost mode check.
  • EPA certification

Trouble shooting

  • How to identify unit performance degradation.
  • How to isolate the cause of the trouble.
  • Repairs and corrective actions.
  • Typical problems experienced by the refrigeration units.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Why it is good to do preventive maintenance.
  • Simple checks to do on a regular basis.
  • Advanced maintenance.

Question and answer session

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